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STORM AREA 51 WHAT IT REALLY IS. 720p MP4 Conspiracy Truth Wake up Sheeple Project Blue Beam False Flag Alien Invasion END HUMAN ENSLAVEMENT QUESTION EVERYTHING Turn off your teLIEvision Fallen Angels
2019-07-16 21:08:53 GMT
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STORM AREA 51 - WHAT IT REALLY IS. 720p.mp4 - 9min 59s 1280 x 592

#Conspiracy #Truth

The elite are communicating with Fallen Angels aka Demons, Nephilim, Giants.. Higher Intelligence's they are summoning them and bringing them into our world through different dimensions they have access to.. You had better wake up and understand we are ruled over by complete bloodthirsty psychopaths who do not give a damn about you or your family AT ALL!! TAKE ALL OF YOUR MONEY OUT OF THEIR BANKS AND STOP PAYING THEIR TAXES, YOU SHOULD ALL BE STORMING THE FEDERAL RESERVE, YOU SHOULD BE STORMING THE WHITE HOUSE AND BURNING IT DOWN!! Fuck the Government, Fuck the Media, Fuck the Banks and Fuck the Police these are your ENEMIES!! You should ALL be storming these Fake News HOAX CIA ran media stations and lynching the liars and criminals, sellouts to humanity for crimes against humanity!! BURN THE WHOLE SYSTEM DOWN, THE TIME TO TAKE THE TRUTH TO THE STREETS IS NOW!! EVERYTHING that the media and government says is a COMPLETE LIE!! They are going to find some fake staged UFO stuff to enact their Project Blue Beam Agenda, RESEARCH IT LOOK INTO THIS STUFF BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOLKS, TIME IS RUNNING OUT!! SPREAD THE WORD TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND TELL THEM TO DO THE SAME, THIS TRUTH MUST REACH CRITICAL MASS!! IF ONLY we could get EVERYONE together all at once to storm ALL the courthouses that are corrupt!! YOU SHOULD BE TELLING PEOPLE TO STORM TRUMP TOWER, OR THE CAPITAL, OR EPSTEIN'S MANSION TO DEMAND HIS INCARCERATION ETC.. TRUMP IS GREAT FRIENDS WITH PEDOPHILE JEFFREY EPSTEIN, HE IS ALSO GREAT FRIENDS WITH THE CLINTON CRIME FAMILY, TRUMP IS ONE OF (((Them))) HE IS A JEW HE WENT TO THE WAILING WALL KISSING ASS TO ISRAEL AND THE SATANIC JEWS, THE JEWS COMPLETELY OWN AMERICA AND ARE DESTROYING IT FROM WITHIN!! HE IS NOT GOING TO "Lock Her Up" AND HE IS NOT GOING TO "Build the Wall" IT WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN BUILT BY NOW, IT'S NOT HAPPENING FOLKS IT'S JUST MORE FALSE HOPE, FALSE PROMISES THAT IS ALL WE GET FROM THESE CROOKED LIARS THIEVES AND MURDERERS EVERY 4-8 YEARS, THEY WANT THEIR WAR WITH IRAN THEY WANT US TO GO AND DIE FOR ISRAEL, NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL!!


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